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Gum Disease Treatment in Byford

{PRACTICE NAME} ReceptionMarri Gum Family Dental provides you with a wide range of services to suit your every dental need, including cleaning and inspection of your gums. It’s tough to remove plaque, and even thorough cleanings with your toothbrush may not be able to prevent damage that goes beyond the tooth and into your gums.

There are two types of gum disease: periodontitis and gingivitis. Both can lead to the wearing down of your teeth, and eventual tooth loss.

Avoiding Gingivitis with Regular Checks

Plaque can inflame and irritate your gums, leading to redness, swelling, shininess and bleeding with brushing. This condition is called gingivitis. We can clean your gums at your biyearly checkups and advise you on how to prevent it from occurring or progressing.

Preventing Periodontitis

If not promptly addressed, gingivitis can turn into a condition called periodontitis. Your gums start to pull away from your teeth, leaving a space that traps plaque and can’t be reached with a toothbrush. The plaque will harden into tartar, causing further irritation.

This tartar can only be removed by a professional using specialised instruments. Our dentists will also help you begin a maintenance program to return your gums to a healthier state.

Make your visits convenient with same-day dentistry and free parking located on-site. Contact us today to start improving the health of your gums and teeth!

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