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Sedation Dentistry Offered in Byford

Byford sedation dentistHave a relaxing, anxiety-free experience in the gentle hands of our friendly team at Marri Gum Family Dental.

If you feel nervous about visiting the dentist, know that you’re not alone. We offer you a solution that will help you keep your appointments without fear.

Sedation dentistry keeps you awake during the procedure, but you’ll feel at ease and won’t remember much about your treatment. You may feel sleepy after treatment with a sedative.

Both our dentists, Dr Robert Eng and Dr Adrian Eng, are very popular with nervous patients and have a lot of experience helping you calm your nerves. They are more than happy to provide any advice on how to make maintaining your dental health a pleasant experience!

Contact us today and use your insurance coverage for a visit! We’re in-network with HBF, HCF and CHBS.

We welcome the opportunity to provide your family with high-quality dentistry.

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